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Musician in the Desert

 Don't wait a month or longer for a guitar repair! 


We're a dedicated team of technicians with the shared goal of providing the fastest quality setups to Austin's music community. There's no service like Frank's in all of Texas.  In fact, there's nothing like it in the Milky Way!


Skip the line at the guitar shop. Our van come's right to YOU.


Scared to let your guitar cruise off with someone else???

Don't be.

Frank Noone is licensed and insured to work on instruments on every guitar playing planet in the cosmos! 

Our team has access to the latest and greatest luthier tools, allowing us to provide our customers with fast and superior service. 


Frank Noone refuses to leave any customer with less than a perfectly shreddin' guitar and a friendly experience.

If you haven't already, please check out our Google reviews and see why we are the highest rated repair shop in Austin.


We are dedicated to providing our customer's with the guitar repair experience that players REALLY want to have. Not what we've been settling for.


Frank Noone's is owned and operated by working Austin musicians. We understand your needs and enjoy serving our growing music community. 

Thank you for your support.

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