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Electric Guitar
Superior Guitar Service
Frank Noone's
Custom Setup
Image by Giancarlo Duarte

Frank's setups are by far the fastest in town (typically 7-14
days) and come with a full guarantee of satisfaction. 
Our setups include:


- Pickup and delivery of your instrument. ($5 service charge)

- Neck and truss rod adjustment (neck relief)

- Fret rocking to show you all of your high fret

- Cleaning and oiling the fretboard. 

- Soft polishing of the frets

- Tuner servicing

- Pot cleaning (if needed)

- Restringing with customer desired strings

- Adjustment of Saddles to the proper height and radius

- Nut Filing/Slot Cutting
(if needed)

- Pickup height adjustment

- intonation with Peterson Strobotuner 

- Adjustment of trem block (strat, bigsby, floyd)

- Deep clean and polish of guitar and hardware

Our Techs specialize in PRO GRADE Bass setups, Guitar setups (acoustic and electric), We also do vintage guitar repair AND valuation, as well as custom modification. 

Austin's ONLY 
Mobile Guitar Service

Thats right! Every service picked up and dropped off at your door!
Our mobility is our strength and allows us to proudly call ourselves the #1 RATED REPAIR SHOP IN AUSTIN!

 Most pickups and deliveries are scheduled Monday and Friday mornings between 10:00am and 2:00 pm. (Saturdays for our South Austin Service) You can also schedule an appointment to drop it off to us if our delivery times are not convenient. 

Please note that our mobile service is within a 15 mile radius of our service sites. If you meet this criteria, you can book easily with us online. If not, just fill out the contact form and we'll make an appointment.

Frank's Mod Shop
Image by Simon Weisser

Need more than a standard setup? Reach out for a consultation. 
Frank's staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable and we love out of the box modifications.  See what makes us Austin's most unique Guitar Service.

Additional Services

- Hardware upgrades 

- Nut installation

- Hand Cut Bone Nuts and Saddles
(starting at $50)

- Fret Leveling/Dressing  
(+$45 on setups)

- Pickup Installation 
(starting at $35)

- Custom Pickguards

- Vintage Guitar Repair
($55 per hour)

- Fretless Bass Conversion

- Custom Nitro Finish Paint

- Electronics Upgrades (killswitch, etc.)

You get the idea. We pretty much do it all. If we can't help you out, we'll at least help you find the right luthier who can!


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